Small scale creative freelancer, based in Rydebäck.


Making a living doing what you love can be hard.
I love photography, video and webdesign.
Trying to to squeeze in as many simple and mind-numbing projects as possible
in order to make ends meet, that’s just not my way.

Instead I do this part-time.
I take on projects I find challanging and rewarding rather than easy and repetitive.

9 to 5 i make money, evenings and weekends I make magic…


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 Henrik Hederstöm

Henrik Hederstöm

Born in ‘84. Raised in a small village, Välinge, outside Ängelholm. After high school I went abroad and worked for a year in Ireland. Took what little money was left and did a backpacking tour with my to be wife covering Australia, New Zealand, Vietnam, Thailand, Laos and China. Studied English at Lund University and then moved on to Interaction Design (programming and UX) at Malmö Högskola. Have two kids, one wife, a house and two cars. Spend most office hours in Malmö where I work in IT for a large bank.



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